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Platinum nano colloid and ionized minerals remove active oxygen that causes hangover Alcohol in the body is degraded by enzymes in the liver.When the degrating process doesn't catch up, hazardous acetaldehyde will be generated.It also produces large amounts of active oxygen and causes hangover symptoms such as headaches and nausea. Mechanism to prevent the hangover We can't really expect the active oxygen removal effect for the other hangover products. For example,Turmeric (curcumin) Hepalese Vitamin B amino acid Ornithine These are effective for decomposition of alcohol but not for  removing active oxygen. The platinum nanocolloid eliminates active oxygen itself.With the well  balanced ingredient combination, it eliminates the root causes of hangover. Minerals are essential for our daily health Relationship between drinking and mineral

Familiar ingredients that help alcohol degrading are also used!

Moreover The ingredient that degrades alcohol basically exerts its effect only when minerals are present. Here is Awakening of Platinum So,Our product prevents hangover with amazing degradeing power.

Data proven surprising  effect of Awakening Platinum! It quickly degrades alcohol in 90 minutes!

We have 10 test subjects who drink Awakening of Platinum after drinkng alcohol.Then,Alcohol amount in breath of all subject  became 0 after 90 minutes. If you drink alcohol of the same amount as the test, it takes more than 11 hours until  alcohol completely disappears from body.This test shows how effective our Awakening of Platinum is. Also,

No more hangover! Get rid of discomfort during drinking

Some test subjects  who take Awakening of Platinum after drinking alcohol answered some questionnaire.
80% of subjects felt that drowsiness and hot flashers during drinking was reduced.
All the subjects felt the effect for the hangover.

Moreover,Liver function level became normal in 5 months.

One test subject who has high level of AST (GOT) and ALT (GPT) , which indicates impaired hepatocytes, keeps drinking Awakening of Platinum. After 5 months…All level fell below the reference value! It's effective for diet!

Weight reduced by 10 kg in just 1-2 months!

Two people who take Awakening platinum succeeded in losing more than 10 kg! Why? Body metabolism are improved by  supplying  highly concentrated ionized minerals.
That's why Awakening of Platinum is the one you should choose.

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