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Ever had this type of pain or worry? When your lower back pain does not go away at all.When you have been worrying about your chronic stiff shoulder for many years.When your knees hurt everytime you walk.When the joints of your foot hurt and you can't exercise.When you get eyestrain from doing deskwork.
The 'ki (Energy)' power that relieves the pain.
Pi Energy Tape Relieve the pain by simply pasting this!Effective in increasing blood circulation and body temperature.Semi-permanent effect! What is Pi Energy? The unbelievably amazing health effects of Pi Energy An improvement of about 1.5 times in blood flow without any increase in heart The measurement of red blood cells was normalised in the area where Pi Energy Tape was pasted. Smooth blood circulation!Cell stimulation! Normalisation of the flow of the ki.Get rid of unwanted body energy! Pain relief!Increase in body temperature.Boosted metabolism!
Pi Energy Tape is effective in the following ways. Getting rid of pain in the knees,shoulders and lower back.Easing muscle and tendon ache.Reducing shoulder aches even in cases where the arm does not go up.Improvement of chronic pain caused by exercise.Reduces headaches and eye fatigue.Improvement of body discomfort such as paralysis.Revitalisation of weakened plants. Memo:The Pi Energy Tape is effective not only for the body but also for plants and smartphones!

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Q & A about Pi Energy Tape How long does the effect last for? Are there any harmful side-effects? Change it when some dirt adheres or the sides of the tape are turned up.